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LittleKnitter 1.4.3

August 15, 2010 Leave a comment

This release took a lot longer than planned, mostly due to the fact that I had lots of Other Important Stuff to do. Also, our son was born in May, although, since he’s a really really easy baby that doesn’t really count as much of an excuse.

Anyways, this version has two important improvements:

  • Patterns can be exported as text files. The files are simple foreground and background pasted together (like what you would see in knitting mode) and will show up in /data/com.jschroeder.lknitter(.GCE)/files/ on the SD card/HDD.
  • The design grid can be made sort of WYSIWIG, by scaling the grid cells according to the configured inch/stitch ratio.

The latter is a requirement for the next big feature: I want to make it possible to set an image as a background in design mode. This way you can trace the pattern from a scan or a photograph. Hopefully the next release won’t take another 4 months ;-).

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